In the modern technology landscape, working with cloud enabled applications is a must skill for any IT professional in the market.  Most of us in the cloud based development are biased towards primarily to one or two cloud vendors (AWS, Azure, Google, etc). Can we blame for that? We simply cannot. Anyone can have his/her own preferences and liking to certain platforms.

But, are we heading towards the right direction? Most of the main cloud vendors abstracted their cloud services so much allowing the cloud users to have many managed services nowadays. Most of your enterprise applications are heading towards serverless computing architectures and becoming more and more abstract.

On the flip side, some cloud practitioners are working towards more open Kubernetes development and more Cloud Native Computing environments (i.e. CNCF Landscape). They say they want cloud to be more open!. That is really cool. But then again you need to learn Kubernetes related frameworks and plethora of products around you and need to get stuck with them (You must see the CNCF platform!!). Isn’t that lock-in too?

I recently read this nice article, which was written by Gregor Hohpe (the well known author of the Book Enterprise Integration Patterns) related to this critical aspect of Cloud Vendor Lock-In. I am sure you can get some good insights on this subject if you read it. Good Luck!


1. Gregor Hohpe Blog:

2. Martin Fowler Blog (The article on Cloud-Lock-in by Gregor Hohpe):

3. CNCF Landscape:

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