In the recent past, the Virtualization has emerged many avenues to most of the IT people with its dynamic capability and the architecture. The Cloud computing is one of those very strong concepts inherited.

As IT people, we too get added benefits by this dynamic feature. Now in almost all OSs have the ability to experience other OSs from your native OS (I know this is nothing new to most of you all). You do need to have some Virtualization software running on your machine to get this working. KVM or Virtualbox are few of those simple softwares that can make this work for you.

Recently, I started to get the hang of RedHat (I was using Debian/ Ubuntu for sometime now) after started following a course at OpenEd. Since my laptop was giving trouble to have a separate partition for RHEL6 (Red Hat Linux 6) mainly due to device driver issues, I opted to have a Virtual Manager like KVM on top of my Ubuntu to have a RHEL6 running as a Virtual machine. Temporarily that basically solved my problem.

If you google the above requirement I am sure you will find a lot of resources to solve the matter. I too did that and found out the following link, which I am sure can speed up your experience.


A system with 64-bit CPU is required to run the KVM.

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