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I am Crishantha Nanayakkara from Sri Lanka. I have a BSc(Hons) in Computing and Information Systems from University of London and a MBA in IT from University of Moratuwa. I have been in the IT industry for nearly 15 years and now working at the IT Apex body of Sri Lanka. (ICTA) My main research interest is e-Government and its evolution in the developing countries.

AWS Machine Learning Resources

Here are some of the AWS Machine Learning Resources that can help you to master it. 1. AWS SageMaker DeepDive Series by Emiliy Webber –

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AWS Modern Application Resource Hub

AWS recently launched a Knowledge Hub on Modern Application Design. I have participated for couple of sessions and it was awesome. I think you should give a try too. It basically covers most of the Design Concept along with AWS … Continue reading

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Are you a Vendor Neutral?

Nowadays whether we like it or not, we are biased towards some vendor technology in your own specialized area. But we should never forget the concepts, architecture and the core. So much you know about any particular technology or their … Continue reading

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Serverless Microservices Patterns (on AWS)

Serverless Architecture and Microservices Architecture are two architectures we do talk together in our architectural designs.If you do architectural designs on AWS, Azure, Cloud or any other cloud vendor these are two common architectural patterns that you follow. We all … Continue reading

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12-Factor Application Development Model

In the modern application development, Micro Services Architecture (MSA) Design has slowly becoming the de-facto standard for many enterprise level development projects. Along with MSA, we can hear the emergence of 12-factor application development model leveraging most of the MSA … Continue reading

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Two awsome links for AWS Solutions Architects

If you are an AWS Solution architect and always scratching your head on certain AWS designs for certain use cases, you may or may not have come across following two links. But If you have not, it is a Gold … Continue reading

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Cloud Vendor Lock-In in the Modern Age

In the modern technology landscape, working with cloud enabled applications is a must skill for any IT professional in the market.  Most of us in the cloud based development are biased towards primarily to one or two cloud vendors (AWS, … Continue reading

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AWS Security Hub

At Re-Invent 2018 conference, AWS Security Hub was launched. It is a security tool, which provides the AWS users/ clients a comprehensive view of your applications (hosted on AWS). It further helps you to check your security compliance against well … Continue reading

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Tripitaka – On-Line Version

Tripitaka is the traditional term for the Buddhist scriptures.[1][2] The version canonical to Theravada Buddhism is generally referred to in English as the Pali Canon. Mahayana Buddhism also holds the Tripi?aka to be authoritative but, unlike Theravadins, it also includes … Continue reading

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Cellery – The implementation of Cell based Architecture

Cellery [1] is an Open Source Framework, which facilitates you to implement the Cell Based Architecture [2], which was drafted by WSO2. Cellery is a code-first approach to building, integrating, running and managing composite microservice applications on Kubernetes. Using Cellery … Continue reading

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